For Inspiration of Science and Technology

FIRST is an international organization that allows students from elementary school to high school to learn about robotics, engineering, and their different components. Every year, FIRST develops a new game for each major age group. Students work together to design, build, and test their team's robot. Teams compete with their robots at regional competitions in hopes of reaching and competing at states. If they succeed at states, they can make it to worlds and compete with some of the best FIRST teams on a global scale.

FIRST Robotics Competition

The season begins with a bang - literally. High school level teams participate in a kickoff, where the new game is revealed and they receive a message from FIRST and their sponsors. 

Once the game is revealed, the build season begins. Teams are given six weeks to completely design, build, and test their robots, and once these six weeks are over, they cannot work on their bot anymore until competitions begin. 

At competitions, teams play in matches as part of randomly selected alliances - either red or blue - and try to make it to the top eight. The top eight teams then select two other teams each to be a part of their alliance, and the finals begin.

Outside of competing in matches, teams can also earn awards, which earn them points towards qualifying for state competitions. These awards include the Safety Award, Innovation in Engineering Award, and the prestigious Chairman's Award.