Our partners are very important to us. From local businesses to large companies, we deeply appreciate the financial support and resources they offer to us, as they keep our team alive and allow us to have much more freedom and fun. We depend on their support to spread the message of FIRST and to further education in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) through our robots and our business outreach.


Our mentors play a huge role in our team, despite the fact that we pride ourselves on being a primarily student-run organization. They send out applications to sponsors, manage our finances, and order parts for us. They also manage the cooperation and paperwork with FIRST that allows us to function throughout the season and beyond. The knowledge they offer is invaluable, and without them we would not be the strong team we are.




P. Shaw

A. Stahl

L. Hoy

C. Geiger 

J. Behrendt

C. Bott

A. Shaw

K. Yockey 

Steering Committee


A. Lindstrom

A. Hortop

N. Ridenour

A. Shaw

M. Hortop

J. Johnston

C. Schulte