To officially join RatPack, there are 6 fairly simple steps.

You will need:

  • Parent contact information

  • Insurance information

  • Credit card information

As a member of the RatPack, whether you are a new or returning student, you must complete these steps. The entire process can be done online in one sitting. If you have any questions or would like to work with us one-on-one, send us an email at 830ratpack@gmail.com

  1. Join the Google Group for RatPack (email distribution list)

  2. Consent and release form (online form)

  3. Team Registration (online form)

  4. Register with FIRST (through STIMS, Student Team Information Member System. This opens in late September! Please don't try to do this now!)

  5. Team Fee ($250 per student, paid annually)

Looking for middle school robotics?

RatPack is for students in 9th-12th grade. For students in 6th-8th grade, check out our FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 7305, the GearCats! RatPack works very closely with the GearCats and it is a great first step into the FRC world. With mentors and student mentors from this team running the program, we do our best to educate FTC students on FIRST, robotics, STEAM, and engineering.

1. Join the RatPack Google Group

One of our primary methods of communication outside of meetings is by email. We send out updates, surveys, meeting times, and other important information out through here. Please click the button below and request to join the Google Group. When prompted, please select "Send me an email for every new message." Also, please tell us that you're a student in the "reason" field - otherwise, we might not know who you are.

Parents should also join to receive important communications.

Visit our Contact page for a list of other contacts.

2. Fill out our Consent & Release Form

We want to make sure everyone is covered, and, in the case that anything should happen, we want to know exactly how to react. Here is an online form for the 2019/20 FRC Season. 

3. Fill out our Team Registration Form

An online form for the 2019/20 FRC Season. This helps us get to know you and how to best make contact and to assist you in signing up for the subteam of your choice.

The subteam interest form only needs to be filled out by new members.

4. Register with FIRST

Join FRC Team 830, the RatPack

We are thrilled to know you are interested in FIRST. And, of course, so is FIRST! They have a super-duper official registration process for you to go through. Click here for FIRST’s instructions, or click an image below for a helpful slideshow tutorial. 

5. Team Fee

If you prefer, make a check out to Team 830 The Ratpack and bring it to a meeting.

6. High Five

Wow! That was a lot of forms. That needs a high five, wouldn't you think?

RatPack Annual Student Team Fee

The team fee is $250.00 for one year.

Pay Now